Jewellery enhances beauty…

Right from conceiving an idea to nurturing the same into a definite form by experience or sheer craftsmanship, keeping in mind one’s cultural heritage …… Isn’t that how a piece of beauty is born to give an everlasting joy to every beholder?

Love for beauty is inherent in human nature which gives rise to a desire to possess things of beauty in almost all of us.

Jewellery is such a possession that transcends beauty to each of its beholder and has been one of the most cherished ways of expressing love and prosperity.

The art of jewellery has been associated with the evolution of ancient human civilisations. Possession of jewels defined rank and status in society in those days. Ancient civilisations have also revealed how jewels have been used to decorate one from head to toe.

And even though they were worn equally by women and men in the ancient times, today most of it is associated with women alone. It is said a woman and her jewels are inseparable. And why not, they are capable of taking peoples minds off the lines under your eyes.

Jewels also have a strong presence in our lives by virtue of the health benefits they are believed to possess. Some metals and precious stones are known to have exceptional healing properties and that makes them all the more sought after. But no matter what, a piece of jewellery always enhances the beauty of the wearer.

In particular, Indian jewellery has been known for its intricate and colourful designs with lots of variants depending upon the region in India where it has been created. It is this uniqueness that has attracted many towards Indian jewellery since years.

We at Indisk Bazar thrive to bring in selected Indian fashion jewellery for people in Sweden who desire to accentuate their looks by adding more colour and variety to their accessories.

What’s your choice of Jewellery that suits you, for different occasions, like what do you prefer to wear to Work? Do leave your thoughts/comments.


Finding Indian Groceries in Stockholm

We Indians love our food and when it comes to cooking, nothing is better for us than a home cooked Indian meal – from idlis to samosas to fish curries to biryanis to dhoklas….the list is endless…

That puts significant focus on finding the right ingredients to indulge in our culinary skills.

Fortunately, in Stockholm, we have a fairly good range of grocery stores (maybe not like Bay Area of USA, but much more than any city in Scandinavia) to fulfil our needs.

We have tried to put together a list of good grocery stores in Stockholm along with the key items that are available there:

  1. Kista Grossen– Wide range of Rice/Flour; most Spices; Maggi; Pickles; good frozen Paneer; frozen Snacks – samosas, parathas; decent quality Lamb; good range of Vegetables/Fruits (mangoes during summer)
    Address/Phone : Torsnäsgatan 4, 164 40 Kista, Sweden, +46 8 751 01 00
  2. Tajmahal– Good range of Flour; Haldiram Snacks; Lentils; Pickles; specific Vegetables like Okra and Bitter Gourd (best quality), also Green Chillies
    Address/Phone : Kammakargatan 40, 111 60 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 21 22 81
  3. Indian Food Center– Good stock of Indian Frozen Fish; most Spices
    Address/Phone : Kungsholmsgatan 15, 112 27, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 653 21 22, +46 739542443
  4. Bhai Bhai Livs– smaller version of Indian Food Center
    Address/Phone : Visbyringen 4, 163 73 Spånga, Sweden, +46 8 760 51 08
  5. Himalaya Livs– Decent stock of Lentils and Spices
    Address/Phone : Valhallavägen 75, 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 673 13 52
  6. Kazi Indian Livs– Good stock of Frozen Fish, Fresh vegetables once every 1 or 2 weeks
    Address/Phone : Gubbängsvägen 108, 122 45 Enskede, Sweden, +46 8 93665

    Note: Please be careful to check the expiry date of packaged products before buying them.

The above should serve as a good starting point. We shall look to add to the list going forward. Do leave your comments on improving/adding to this list.

Happy Shopping & Cooking!

Looking for Good Tandoori, Punjabi Food? Visit Punjabi Masala

If you are looking for good Tandoori, Punjabi food, do try out Punjabi Masala in Tensta, Stockholm.

The ambience is not as a fine dining restaurant, but a food lover like me would not mind the ambience for the quality of food I get. Try out the tandoori items – kababs, naans – I have not found better ones anywhere else in Stockholm.

Average expense per person – SEK 150



How to reach by Public Transport: Visit

Car Parking: Parking lot available in-front from the restaurant and also at nearby Tensta Centrum